About Third Culture Kids:

The majority of our ministry is with international school students. Most international schools students are Third Culture Kids (TCKs). TCKs are kids who spend much of their childhood growing up in countries that are not their parents. These kids come from all over the world, with many different cultural backgrounds. TCKs often move frequently due to the nature of their parents’ work – and it can be lonely and difficult to repeatedly have to try to make new friends while saying goodbye to others. Even living in unfamiliar cultures, filled with moves and having to constantly adjust, Jesus is constant! And the Good News can travel with these young people wherever they go in the world. This is one of the many reasons why I love working with TCKs.

Even though most of our kids are bilingual, offering programming in English gives them an opportunity to use their “heart language”.

Some interesting facts:

  • Growing up in a culture that is not their own, TCKs are cultural hybrids with a multi-cultural world view
  • They have increased perspective because they have experienced the world in many unique ways
  • They often move around a lot due to their parents’ job
  • Frequent moves can result in loneliness, unresolved grief
  • They may feel rootless, and struggle to find a sense of identity / belonging
  • Adjusting back into their own culture can be very difficult
  • Their rich life experiences give them opportunity to do significant things in the increasingly international world we live in