baby don’t herd me

I have a deep, unashamed love of sheep. They are my favorite animal. I know, it is not a “typical” favorite animal. But I love them so. Much to my delight when I moved to Grenoble, I saw sheep everywhere. Not real life “bahhh” sheep, but everywhere I go, there they are, graffitied on the walls of buildings.  

The sheep that are tagged throughout the city are by an artist called “The Sheepest”. His sheep have written across their eyes, a sentence blocking their visions; “je suis ce que je suis”, which is a French play on words meaning, I am what I am, or, I am what I follow. The Sheepest reasons we, like sheep, have been blinded by the things that we follow. 

In the two and a half years I have lived in France, each time I see one of these graffitied sheep, it is an instant remember. What am I following? 

We live in a world where the word “follow” gets thrown around all the time. I think it is thrown around so often, we may forget to stop and think through how the things we are following shape our lives and behavior.

When Jesus called Simon Peter and Andrew, he said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19b). The trajectory of their lives changed forever. Following Jesus changed everything. They were no longer fishermen, who they were before, they were following Jesus, now they were fishers of men. We are what we follow. 

As I have been reflecting on these sheep, I wonder, how has my life changed since I became a follower of Christ? Have I really let Him become my identity, or am I too easily distracted by the many other things fighting for my attention. What am I following?

Sheep are infamous for not being the smartest animal on the farm, but there is one thing sheep do really well, follow their shepherd. If a shepherd whistles to his flock, they will come running towards him, they know his voice. If someone who is not their shepherd were to imitate the same whistle, it would be ignored. The respond to the voice they know. My prayer this month is that I might know the voice of the Lord, louder than any other the other voices clouding my attention, and that His would be the one I respond to.


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