Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grenoble

I can count on one hand the amount of times I have gone to the movies in the last three years. For me to convince my introverted self to go see a movie in a theater instead of the comfort of my own couch takes a lot of convincing. But this month, the newest Fantastic Beasts movie came out, and my friends and I cancelled everything to see it on the opening night (which was also the only night that it was scheduled to play in English #FranceProbs). We waited with the rest of Grenoble’s English speaking population for really the only movie I had been anticipating all year. We found our seats and waited with excitement.

And then we waited.

And then we waited.

And finally, someone from the theater came in to say, “Don’t worry, small issue, 10-15 minutes.” I have been living in France long enough to know that 10-15 minutes means 20 minutes. We ate our snacks.

And then we waited.

And then we waited.

25-ish minutes later, the poor guy comes back, “I’m sorry, we’re working on it, it will take certainly no more than ten minutes.” Protip: the word “certainly” is always a bad sign.

Twenty minutes later, our new-found friend came back to tell us that, due to technical reasons, we could not the movie and he would happily give us a free pass to come back later. Somewhat defeated, we piled into the car and headed home. The only silver lining of the night was I got a free movie ticket.

As I was sitting in the movie theater, waiting, I was reminded of all of the times that I have made plans, plans that I thought were pretty great, and instead found myself waiting. The waiting is rather annoying, if you want to know my opinion. If I had my way, a plan would be a plan, and it would work and there would be no waiting.

I have been reminded that in the waiting the Lord shows up. As we sat in the theater we laughed, talked and ate tasty snacks. The memories that I have from that night all come from the waiting.

I am a planner. There are really few things that I love more than a good plan. But recently I have found myself waiting. Waiting on the Lord. Waiting on many things that are out of my control. If I were honest, I would tell you that this waiting, this season, has really messed up my plan. But then, I have moments like this one, where the Lord clearly stops me and reminds me about the waiting, the joy and the lessons that can be found there.

Because He is still God, even in the waiting.

Love Always,



7 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grenoble

  1. Well sweet pea, I hope you get to see it. I know you had fun with your girlfriends anyway. I completely related to you guys sitting there yucking it up:):)

    Great newsletter!!




  2. I sooo enjoy your blogs. Thank you for sharing your wisdom learned as you go down the path. Just perfect.
    Always speaks to me.


  3. Hey Olivia!

    It has been a long time. Sorry.

    Your post. Yep. So good. I loved reading your story unfold. I so wanted the movie to come on for you. And was so disappointed to realize you had to walk away without seeing it. But! redemption! the moments with the people you were with. I love that.

    How are you? How are things with your family? with the YL there? I am so behind. I’d love to catch up if you have any time.

    Until then, may you continue to experience Him in the waiting!




    1. Hey Jamie!!

      Thank you so much! YES and eventually I was able to see it without any issues 🙂

      Things are going really well! France right now is kind of a mess with all the protestors, but YL and family stuff is going really well! I would love to catch up soon–let me know what would work for you!

      Have a great day!


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