surf’s up rd. 2

“God has placed each part in the body just where He wanted it to be.” 1 Corinthians 12:18

I went to Young Life camp for the first time in 2010. I remember sitting in the Malibu dining hall the first night enjoying dinner when two dancing characters broke in and interrupted the meal. I couldn’t tell you anything about the plot of the program that week (or honestly many other details from camp) other than the name and tag line of the woman who had interrupted my dinner. Her name was Kathy McGiligutty and she loooooooved to dance. I watched Kathy McGiligutty and I wanted to be her. I loved the way that she made people laugh, brought joy to the room, and used humor to spread the gospel.

This memory has been so dear to my heart in my first two years on staff. I still love the character of Kathy McGiligutty. In high school, I was this super shy, awkward kid, who dreamed that someday, maybe, I could be like Kathy McGiligutty. I remember watching the kids around me dancing to the theme music, thinking to myself, “Someday, I will be brave enough to do that.”

This summer, all my high school dreams came true. I not only get to have dance parties regularly (did I mention that I have the world’s coolest job!!), but at camp I also got to have a part in the program.

My main job at Surf Camp was Head Leader, which means my job was to make sure campers were safe and where they needed to be and that leaders felt taken care of. I love being Head Leader. It satisfies the rule follower in me.

But, I also was asked to be the program villain. My character, Mild Meg, made it her goal to shut down camp. Mild Meg did all that she could to stop the two “Extreme Sports Champions” and return the camp to a state of being calm and under control. It was later revealed that all her life Mild Meg wanted to be extreme (literally the story of high school Olivia). In the end, she learned how to stay true to herself, and she became “Extremely Mild Meg”.

This summer, I have tried to lean into the gifts the Lord has given me. My high school dream of being Kathy McGiligutty might not come true in the way I had imagined, but I got to point kids to Christ in another way. 1 Corinthians 12 talks about how we all make up different parts of the body. We all bring something to the table. What I love about Young Life camp is watching different leaders and staff use the gifts that they are given. It takes all different gifts and abilities to make a camp happen.

Love Always,





2 thoughts on “surf’s up rd. 2

  1. Olivia,

    This is beautiful. I am sitting here all teary. I want to be Kathy McGilicutty too!

    You continue to grow in so many awesome and grounded ways. Keep up the incredible work and growth. I know you will💖


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