the tooth of Crolles

“Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.” –Psalm 147:5

I have been staring at the same mountain every day since I moved to Grenoble. It is beautiful. It is called the Dent de Crolles. It stands tall and sharp like a giant rectangle. Staring at the beauty of this mountain has been part of my daily routine. In my first apartment in Grenoble, I could see it out my window. I would greet it when I opened my window, like you would greet and old friend. It was the first mountain that I remembered the name of (dent can mean tooth, which I thought was funny, and at the time I was proud of myself for remembering that dent meant tooth. But really the Tooth of Crolles, what kind of name is that!). I thought I knew this mountain well. And then I went skiing.

We were skiing about a half an hour away from Grenoble, in the Belledonne, another mountain area. (I am not kidding; Grenoble is surrounded by mountains! Come visit, bring a tent!) In front of us was a huge, beautiful ridge. The ridge was unlike any of the mountains I had seen in Grenoble. It was one of those mountains that simply takes your breath away. I asked my friend what the mountain was, slightly annoyed I had never noticed it.

“The Dent de Crolles! You see it every day!” She responded.

The Dent de Crolles. The tooth of Crolles. The same mountain that I had looked out my window and stared at in wonder for the past 15 months. I felt slightly betrayed. I thought I was a mountain [wo]man. My betrayal moved on to feeling completely stupid. “How in the world could I have missed this?” I questioned to myself.

I had experienced a change in perspective. Though we were skiing not far from Grenoble, we were far enough to change the way the mountains looked, and this revealed more of its beauty.

This is what moving to France has done with my relationship with God. In the states, I knew God. I saw Him every day. I could tell you all about Him. And then I moved half way around the world, which, if you are wondering, is more than enough to reveal more on many things you thought you knew about (chocolate being my favorite example, I thought I knew good chocolate, until I moved to France, send me your address, I will mail you French chocolate, your life will change!) But moving abroad dramatically changed the way I saw God.

The way that I viewed or knew Him in the states was by no means wrong, but I was only seeing a small perspective of the greatness of God. When I moved, I had to lean and depend on God in ways that I had never imagined I would need to. I saw the way God moved in this country in ways that I had never experienced. My need for God is different now. My perspective of God grew.

The Dent de Crolles did not magically change when I saw it from the ski slope that day. God did not change when I moved to France. I just learned more about who they were. It is so easy to accept the world the way that we see it out our window. But it is so much bigger than that. There is more to be learned about God than you or I ever will be able to know. But my prayer this year is to dive in and commit to learning more about the character of God every day. I want to see and experience Him in ways that I have not before. As for the Dent de Crolles, I plan to explore it as soon as the snow melts.

Love Always,


This is a picture of the Dent de Crolles

4 thoughts on “the tooth of Crolles

  1. Such beautiful insight! I can’t believe we haven’t gotten to see each other:/ Let’s make a date for April!!!


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