Lizard on the Radiator

The other morning, I woke up to a lizard dead on my radiator. (This is currently Number 1 on the list of things I never thought I would say). I live in France, for goodness sake, no one warned me about the lizards. But there he was. Dead. Face up. On my radiator. IN MY ROOM! It was an invasion of privacy, if you ask me. Two night later, I went to close my shutters, and there was another lizard, in my window crack. I, appropriately, freaked out and fled the vicinity. I finally gained the courage to sweep him out of my house and ended up cutting his leg off in the process. It was a scarring experience, probably more so for the lizard than for me. The next night, I opened my window cautiously and there he was, lizard number three. This time I simply could not deal and two of my dearest friends came over and much more delicately than I had, carried the lizard to safety. But then, lizard number four. There he was, in the crack of my window. Honestly, I was almost expecting him. But he scared me. I slammed my window and crushed his head. I am the worst vegetarian in the world. No one warned me when I moved to France that I would be moving to a land overrun with lizards.

My life has almost become a game with the lizards. Each night, as I slowly creek open my window I know one will be there, ready to scare me out of my mind. There is something to be said about their persistency and consistency. They keep showing up. I have learned a lot from these little lizards. We started a new high school group this fall called Impact Club. Each Wednesday we gather to learn about service and plan service projects to impact our community. We are learning the value of showing up in our communities, about being active participants and engaging with the people around us. But, there is so much more showing up and consistency that needs to be had.

Young Life is a relational ministry. It is important to show up for kids. There is great value in this consistency. Bridges are built when you get to go to a school play, or are on time for a coffee date. When you say, I will be there, and you actually are. We had to show up, and keep showing up, a lot, before we were able to start Impact Club. We had to get to know kids, share the vision, get them excited. The “build it and they will come” philosophy doesn’t really work. Before you build it, you need to have people behind you, excited to show up.

The lizards keep showing up in my apartment, I get to keep showing up for my girls, our Impact Club kids get to keep showing up in their communities, all because Jesus first showed up for us. John writes, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). Jesus showed up for everyone, by coming to the world He created. Now we have the chance to show up for those around us. What an amazing opportunity. Consistency is almost shocking. It is so easy to feel too busy to do something. Like the lizards, even though they are there each day, they still shock me (ask my friends who get panicked phone calls for help). I want to be that way with the kids I meet. I want to be shocking with consistency. I want to be that way in my community. I want to be a person, who like the lizards, like Jesus, shows up.

Please pray for Impact Club and our team as try to grow our club! We are so humbled and excited to see what God does this year.

Love Always,



P.S. Please let me know if you would like to know more about ministry in Grenoble, I would love to share more with you! God is so good and doing amazing things here!! I am so excited to be apart of it!

P.P.S. Here are a few pictures 🙂

Loved getting to share at Impact Club!
First WyldLife of the year/ever!
Our BBQ Team for our church’s BBQ
Amy and I at the first Impact Club

One thought on “Lizard on the Radiator

  1. I knew you would write a great story with and about those lizards! Fantastic!
    I always wait to read your blogs. Love them. Keep up the good work. So proud of you!!

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