Grace upon Grace

Hi Friends!

I have officially been in France for over a month. The past weeks have been have been full of triumph and tears, victories and hardships. Some moments I feel like I can understand and comprehend French, and other moments it feels as if someone is speaking to me in a made up language. Some days I feel like I know my way around the city and then at other moments I feel like I have been transported into a different world. Throughout these trails and these triumphs, the LORD has continually put a phrase on my heart, “HE is still good”. No matter what you or I go through, “HE is still good”. It will not always be easy. There are moments when I just want to curl on my bed and cry for hours. There are other moments when I find myself singing and skipping along.

It has been through this I have been reminded of God’s grace. The LORD has showered you and me with grace upon grace every day. Though in my heart I know that to be true, I often have a hard time accepting this grace. This is something I will be working on for a long while. Through the struggle, I have also been challenged to show grace to one another. Cry when your brother or sister is crying, rejoice when they are rejoicing. We are in this crazy life together, and what a gift it is that God has given us each other.

One thing I have been shown during my time in France has been grace from my community. From friends and family back home as I call them frustrated beyond belief (see previous post regarding struggles with doors…), from the staff and community here as I ask the same questions over and over (how do I get to IKEA again?), and from the French people kindly reminding me to kiss them every time I walk in or out of a room (this is not a drill, you really do kiss someone hello and goodbye), I have been shown an abundant amount of grace. But in all of that, I have often forgotten to show myself grace. I get easily frustrated with myself when I forget a word in French, or can’t figure out how to use public transportation, or when I stand in the baking aisle searching for baking soda (note to self it is actually found with the spices—the things you learn).

Thank you all for loving me and reaching out to me during this transition. I am so blessed. Please be praying that the LORD will work in big in powerful ways throughout Grenoble, and onward. I am excited to be a part of what the LORD is doing here, and my prayer is that we will all remember that no matter our circumstance, the LORD is still good, and He is there waiting to shower us in His grace.

Love Always,



2 thoughts on “Grace upon Grace

  1. You are a trooper my sweet! You are where you need to be. We all have trouble giving grace to ourselves, but keep on recognizing when you need to give yourself a break(grace) and just do it!!

    You have taken an enormous step into life. You are awesome! My heart swells with pride.

    Love and miss you Olivia,


  2. Dear Liv,
    Rick and I hope to be closer to you very soon!! We look forward to beginning the work He is calling us to in Wiesbaden. We are praying for you!!! What an amazing thing the Lord has accomplished in you!! You’ve made it A MONTH!!! Happy Thamksgiving!!! Let us know how French turkey tastes!!
    Love to Liv in Grenoble,
    Becky and Rick Vanater


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