Liv in Grenoble

Reaching a World of Kids in Western Europe


Hi!! My name is Olivia Swindler, and I am so glad you are here! It is such a joy to get to share my life and ministry. I hope this is a place of encouragement and laughter, as well as a place for you to stay up to date with what is going on with Young Life Grenoble!

I have been on Young Life staff in France for one year! In this past year, God has broken my heart even more for this beautiful country. I studied French at Washington State University, which is where my passion for France started. This year has been really affirming that this is where the Lord wants me. When I am not trying to master the French language or planning events, I love hiking, crocheting and watching American Football (GO COUGS).

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Grenoble is the capital of the French Alps.Grenoble has played a major role throughout French history, influencing the Huguenot Religious Wars, the French Revolution and being a place of refuge for many people (including Napoleon!) Today Grenoble is known as a research and science city. After Paris, Grenoble also has the second largest population of English speakers in France. In France, less than 5% of the population are regular churchgoers, and two-thirds of all French youth say they are not religious.

Grenoble is home to many international families. At the largest international school in Grenoble, there are special language sections for kids who speak English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese–that is SIX different languages! Most kids who go to international schools are considered Third Culture Kids, or TCK’s. To learn more about the kids who will be affected by my ministry, click on the TCK tab.

I can not do my job without you. I would love to share with you more about how you can partner with me in this ministry. Please let me know if you would like to receive personal updates, be a part of my prayer team, or support Young Life in Grenoble financially. THANK YOU!

Thank you for your love and support! YOU ROCK.

Please, join me, as we reach a world of kids in Grenoble, France!